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[Research Note] The Significance of Kim Jong Un’s Non-Physical Cultural Heritage Policy (in English)

North Korea Kim Jong Un Non-Physical Cultural Heritage Cultural Policy of North Korea

South Korea17.Jun.2021 East Asia Institute (EAI) Young-Sun Jeon

[Commentary] Prospects of Resuming U.S.-North Korean Dialogue on North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program After the ROK-U.S. Summit (in English)

North Korea policy ROK-US summit US-North Korea dialogue North Korea nuclear negotiation US-China conflicts

South Korea01.Jun.2021 East Asia Institute (EAI) Chaesung Chun

[Special Report] The History of Conceptual Bifurcation of ‘Peace’ in the Two Koreas (in English)

North Korea Concept of Peace Korean Peninsula Divergence of Peace

South Korea26.May.2021 East Asia Institute (EAI) Young-Sun Ha

Consistent Inconsistency: What one thirty-year-old cable reveals about US-DPRK relations (in English)

North Korea Nuclear weapons Denuclearization Presidential Nuclear Initiatives

South Korea03.May.2021 East Asia Institute (EAI) Ben Forney

Need, Aid, and Root Causes: The Appropriateness of Humanitarian Response in the DPRK (in English)

DPRK humanitarian aid ODA humanitarian-development nexus human security

South Korea08.Apr.2021 East Asia Institute (EAI) Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings

Arising From “the People”: Bottom Up Change in North Korean Society (in English)

DPRK culture bottom-up young frontrunners in noble traits Youth Day

South Korea02.Mar.2021 East Asia Institute (EAI) Seunghee Ha

The 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK): The Next Five Years of North Korea and a History of Stagnant Growth (in English)

WPK survival strategy coevolution Biden administration security guarantee

South Korea19.Jan.2021 East Asia Institute (EAI) Young-Sun Ha

Keeping North Korea at the Negotiation Table (in English)

Negotiation Table North Korea United States Korean Peninsula denuclearization

South Korea21.Dec.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Kyungyon Moon

The European Union and Security Cooperation: Bringing Northeast Asia into Focus (in English)

European Union Security Korean Peninsula inter-Korean dialogue foreign and security policy

South Korea10.Nov.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Michael Reiterer

Friends With Benefits: Should the Republic of Korea Count on US Extended Nuclear Deterrence? (in English)

Nuclear Deterrence North Korea US-ROK alliance ICBM SLBM

South Korea26.Oct.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Mason Richey

South Korea’s Strategy towards US-China Relations and North Korea amid Intensifying US-China Strategic Competition (in English)

US-China Relations North Korea policy diplomatic engagement Strategic Competition

South Korea29.Sep.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Chaesung Chun

2020 Democratic National Convention and North Korea (in English)

Democratic National Convention Trump Biden Sanctions North Korea

South Korea01.Sep.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Yonho Kim

How "Special" is the North Korea-China Relationship? Epitomized by Shared Policy Goals, Dictated by Shared Ideology (in English)

Shared Goals China-North Korea Korean Peninsula Alliance

South Korea28.Aug.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Jaewoo Choo

North Korea’s Building of a Civilized Socialist Country (in English)

socialist civilization North Korea Tourism Industry Music Industry Samjiyon Orchestra

South Korea14.Aug.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Seunghee Ha

New Roadmap for Denuclearization and Peacebuilding (in English)

Crisis Management Peacebuilding Action for Action Denuclearization

South Korea13.Jul.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Sangsoo Lee

At the Nexus of National Strategies and Global Norms: North Korea’s Preparation for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (in English)

UN Sustainable Development Goals North Korea SDGs BRI

South Korea07.Jul.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Taekyoon Kim

The Future of the Demolished Inter-Korean Joint Liaison Office (in English)

Inter-Korean Joint Liaison Office self-reliance subordination

South Korea26.Jun.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Young-Sun Ha

North Korea’s Post-Nuclear National Strategy and Inter-Korean Relations (in English)

7th WPK Congress Nuclear Weapons Development Seventh Central Committee North Korea

South Korea26.Jun.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Choong-Koo Lee

North Korea-China Relations and the Role of China in the COVID-19 Crisis (in English)

China-North Korea COVID-19 verbal messages China Role

South Korea29.May.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Dong Ryul Lee

Thinking Slow about North Korea (in English)

disinformation Kahneman dictatorship Baekdu bloodline Kim Jong-un

South Korea27.May.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Jihwan Hwang

The International Order and Inter-Korean Relations after COVID-19 (in English)

COVID-19 Inter-Korean relations Strategic Autonomy Self-reliance Competition Cooperation

South Korea27.Apr.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Soo-hyung Lee

Making the North Korean Economic Project Work (in English)

Kaesong Industrial Complex North Korean Economy Economic Investment denuclearization sanctions

South Korea20.Apr.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Tom Le, Michelle Tunger

Missiles and the Coronavirus in Spring 2020: New Hope for Diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula? (in English)

COVID-19 Coronavirus North Korean Missiles Korean Peninsula

South Korea30.Mar.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Seong-ho Sheen

COVID-19 and North Korea’s Choices: Shifting Away from ‘A Head-on Breakthrough’ Line? (in English)

COVID-19 Coronavirus North Korean regime A Head-on Breakthrough Line

South Korea25.Mar.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Won Gon Park

Changes in the US Grand Strategy and the Future of North Korean Nuclear Issue (in English)

Grand Strategy US foreign policy North Korean nuclear issue Diplomatic relations

South Korea27.Feb.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Chaesung Chun

North Korean Nuclear Diplomacy (in English)

US-North Korea relations Democratic Party economic sanctions Republican Party

South Korea24.Feb.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Andrew Yeo

Present and Future of the Four-Point Strategy toward North Korea (in English)

Four-Point Strategy denuclearization game Role of South Korea head-on breakthrough strategy

South Korea12.Feb.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Jinkyung Baek, Chaesung Chun

2020 North Korea: A Head-on Breakthrough of Two Major Challenges (in English)

Head-on Breakthrough Worker’s Party of Korea North Korean diplomacy self-reliance

South Korea10.Jan.2020 East Asia Institute (EAI) Young-Sun Ha

The Drive for North Korea Policy to Realize Peace and Prosperity on the Korean Peninsula (in English)

Diplomatic Security Policy Moon Jae-in Administration Domestic Politics North Korea Policy

South Korea23.Dec.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Jinkyung Baek, Won Gon Park

Clarifying Challenges and Maintaining Trust in the Seoul-Washington Alliance (in English)

US-ROK Alliance #Trust SMA North Korea Korea-Japan China

South Korea02.Dec.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Leif-Eric Easley

Trump’s America or America’s Trump, and the Korean Peninsula (in English)

#Trump #America First #TPP #War on terror #revisionist state

South Korea27.Nov.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Won Gon Park

North Korea: Outcomes and Implications (in English)

CVID FFVD refugees Human rights violations

South Korea12.Nov.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Tom Phuong Le

The Trend of Strengthened UNC and its Role After the Transition of Wartime Operational Control (in English)

Wartime Operational Control UNC Inter-Korean Peace Peace treaty

South Korea28.Oct.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Kyung-young Chung

The Trump Risk and US-North Korea Nuclear Talks (in English)

US-North Korea Nuclear Talks big deal security guarantee

South Korea23.Oct.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Myung-Koo Kang

The New Policies of Abe’s Cabinet Towards the Korean Peninsula: Background and South Korea’s Position (in English)

Abe cabinet new policy Japan-DPRK Korean Peninsula

South Korea04.Oct.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Park Jung-jin

No Way Out?: US-North Korea Denuclearization Negotiations (in English)

Security situation US-DPRK negotiation Denuclearization Strategy Diplomacy

South Korea09.Sep.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Won Gon Park

The Impact of the Abrogation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty on the Strategic Situation in Northeast Asia (in English)

Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty INF Northeast Asia Security Diplomacy

South Korea26.Aug.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Soohyung Lee

North Korea’s Biological and Chemical Weapons and the Path to Denuclearization (in English)

Biological and Chemical Weapons North Korea Denuclearization Korean Diplomacy Trust building

South Korea19.Aug.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Jinkyung Baek, Chaesung Chun

Dear Prime Minister Abe, Help, Not Fight, President Moon to Help you on North Korea and the Olympics (in English)

Abe Moon Cooperation Japan-ROK relations

South Korea29.Jul.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Seong-ho Sheen

What Trump Should Know After the Panmunjom Summit (in English)

Panmunjom Summit Trump Kim Jong Un CVID FFVD

South Korea12.Jul.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Jihwan Hwang

Between Pyongyang, Beijing, Moscow, and Kim Jong Un (in English)

Normalization Normal State Pyongyang

South Korea26.Jun.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Chae-Yeon Kang

North Korea’s Missile Provocations: Not just a Gambit but an Imminent Threat (in English)

North Korea Missile Threat US-North Korea Summit Gambit

South Korea07.Jun.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Won Gon Park

On the Way to the Third US-North Korea Summit: South Korea’s Diplomatic Task for 2019 (in English)

Third US-North Korea Summit denuclearization Korean diplomacy Trust building

South Korea20.May.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Chaesung Chun

China’s Role and Strategy on the Denuclearization and Peace Process after the North Korea-US Hanoi Summit (in English)

role Denuclearization North Korea China

South Korea02.May.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Dong Ryul Lee

South Korea’s Denuclearization Policy: A Never Ending Story? (in English)

Seond US-North Korea summit US-DPRK Trump Seoul Process

South Korea15.Apr.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Won Gon Park

Towards a Successful Third US-North Korea Summit: Finding Convergence between Two Denuclearization Calculations (in English)

US-North Korea Summit Trump Kim Jong-un Denuclearization

South Korea06.Mar.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Young-Sun Ha

For Kim Jong Un, Trump is the Best, and the Last, Opportunity (in English)

second summit US-DPRK Trump Kimg Jong-un

South Korea15.Feb.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Seong-ho Sheen

North Korea's New Year's Address and Prospects for the North Korean Nuclear Issue in 2019 (in English)

New Year's Speech Kim Jong Un Summit Nuclear Issue

South Korea21.Jan.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Chaesung Chun

Kim Jong Un's 2019 New Year's Speech and the Task of Achieving Complete Denuclearization (in English)

New Year's Speech Kim Jong Un Complete Denuclearization US-DPRK

South Korea04.Jan.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Young-Sun Ha

The Denuclearization of North Korea and the US-China rivalry (in English)

rivalry rogue states US-China

South Korea27.Dec.2018 East Asia Institute (EAI) Chaesung Chun

Moon Faces Two Americas in Trying to Make Peace with North Korea (in English)

Trump CVID foreign policy economic sanctions

South Korea14.Nov.2018 East Asia Institute (EAI) Seong-ho Sheen

Tasks Ahead beyond the Stalemate (in English)

summit CVID FFVD reform policy

South Korea14.Nov.2018 East Asia Institute (EAI) Young-Sun Ha, Chaesung Chun



North Korean Cyber Capabilities: In Brief (in English)

cyber wannacry financial system offensive deterrence

United States08.Jan.2019 38 North Emma Chanlett-Avery, Liana W. Rosen, John W. Rollins, Catherine A. Theohary

Leaders need to maintain unity to force N. Korea to give up nukes (in English)

denuclearization disclose information

Japan03.Dec.2018 Asahi Shimbun The Asahi Shinbun

Full Committee Hearing An Update on American Diplomacy to Advance our National Security Strategy (in English)

Dongchang-ri Yongbyon verifiable decommissioning

United States01.Oct.2018 Arms Control Association Shervin Taheran

Looking Back at 2018 (in English)

Kim Jong Un FFVD Yongbyon investigation economic sanctions US-ROK alliance US-North Korea summit

United States06.Dec.2018 The Korea Society The Korea Society

North Korea’s Military Capabilities (in English)

DPRK's Military Capabilities ICBM nuclear warhead miniaturization WMD

United States20.Dec.2019 Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Eleanor Albert

U.S. Policy Toward North Korea After the Second Summit (in English)

bad deal pressure provocation

United States26.Mar.2019 US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Victor Cha

Old is Gold: The U.S. should return to the past spirit of negotiation with the DPRK (in English)

us-dprk summit complete denuclearization china's role strategic change

China14.Mar.2019 China Intitute of International Studies (CIIS) Shi Yongming

Understanding North Korea Through the Lenses of Chinese and US Foreign Policy (in English)

Summit Denuclearization Peace CoC US-North Korea relations China-North Korea relations

South Korea18.Oct.2018 East Asia Institute (EAI) Young-Sun Ha, Richard Haass

The First Summit Between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un (in English)

summit sanctions bloody nose

United States09.Mar.2018 The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Sue Mi Terry,Lisa Collins

[Global Inter-NK-View] Ha Young-Sun Episode (Part 1: Current Status and Future of the North Korean Issue) (in Korean)

stockholm North Korea-US meeting Denuclearization new calculation

South Korea13.Nov.2019 East Asia Institute (EAI) Young-Sun Ha

North Korea: Can Cooperation Prevail Over Conflict? (in English)

Denuclearization Korean Peninsula Cooperation

United States28.Nov.2018 Chicago Council on Global Affairs(CCGA) Ha Young-Sun,Lee Sang Hyun,Lee Jaemin,Cécile Shea

The Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA) of 2018 (in English)

civil liberties security challenges values rule of law

United States04.Apr.2019 Congressional Research Service (CRS) Michael F. Martin,Ben Dolven,Susan V. Lawrence,Mark E. Manyin,Bruce Vaughn

In a secret letter, Kim Jong Un invites Donald Trump to Pyongyang and for the third summit (in Korean)

top-down regime security big deal new calculation

South Korea16.Sep.2019 Joongang Ilbo Chung Yong Su

North Korea accuses US of ‘hostile act’ in terminating ROK missile limits (in English)

North Korea US-ROK summit hostile act lip-service

United States30.May.2921 NK News Colin Zwirko

Why This Wasn't Kim's Father's — or Grandfather's — Summit (in English)


United States13.Jun.2018 The RAND Corporation James Dobbins

S.2736 - Asia Reassurance Initiative Act of 2018 (in English)

maximum pressure engagement executive order

United States04.Dec.2018 US Congress(House and Senate Committees) Congress,ARIA

UN passes resolution condemning North Korea’s human rights record (in English)

human rights UN sanctions

United States17.Dec.2018 NK News Leo Byrne

Negotiating with North Korea (in English)

negotiation process US-DPRK relations second summit diplomacy US politics

United States19.Feb.2019 38 North Robert Carlin

Where Do U.S.-North Korea Relations Go in the Aftermath of the Hanoi Summit? (in English)

corresponding measures financial sanctions inspection

United States13.Mar.2019 The RAND Corporation Bruce W. Bennett

Making Sanctions Effective: The Case of North Korea (in English)

sanctions north korea un panel

United States27.Mar.2019 US House Committee on Foreign Affairs Hugh Griffiths


North Korea accuses US of ‘hostile act’ in terminating ROK missile limits (in English)

North Korea US-ROK summit hostile act lip-service

United States30.May.2921 NK News Colin Zwirko

New U.S. envoy for North Korea looks forward to ‘positive response’ on dialogue (in English)

Sung Kim positive response sanctions

Others21.Jun.2021 Reuters Josh Smith, Sangmi Cha

North Korea's Generals Are Scared: South Korea Wants an Aircraft Carrier (in English)

Aircraft Carrier South Korea competition

United States20.Jun.2021 The National Interest Sebastien Roblin

Special envoy for North Korea human rights required (in Korean)

human rights North Korea North Korea human rights act

United States18.Jun.2021 Voice of America Robert King

Special envoy Sung Kim's visit to South Korea (in Korean)

negotiations Sung Kim dialogue

United States18.Jun.2021 Voice of America Ham Jiha

Kim Jong-un Says He’s Ready for ‘Dialogue and Confrontation’ With Biden (in English)

Kim Jong-un dialogue and confrontation KCNA

United States17.Jun.2021 The New York Times (NYT) Choe Sang-Hun

Sharp Focus: A Unique View of North Korea’s Sinpo South Shipyard (in English)

Sinpo SLBM shipyard

United States17.Jun.2021 The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Joseph Bermudez, Victor Cha

FULL TEXT: North Korea’s Workers’ Party rule book (in English)

North Korea Party Congress Workers' Party of Korea

United States14.Jun.2021 NK News Jeongmin Kim

Japan-Australia Summit Meeting (in English)

Japan-Australia relations FOIP Japan-Australia cooperation North Korea

Japan13.Jun.2021 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Japan-Canada Summit Meeting (in English)

Japan-Canada relations Indo-Pacific region FOIP nuclear and missile capabilities UNSCRs abductions issue immediate resolution

Japan13.Jun.2021 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Japan-France Summit Meeting (in English)

Japan-France relations G7 Summit Indo-pacific region North Korea

Japan12.Jun.2021 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Japan-UK Summit Meeting (in English)

Japan-UK relations abductions issue G7 Summit Indo-Pacific region China

Japan11.Jun.2021 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ninth Japan-Australia Foreign and Defence Ministerial Consultations (“2+2”) (in English)

Japan-Australia relations 2+2 Indo-Pacific region CVID UNSCRSc sanctions evasion illicit ship-to-ship transfers abductions issue

Japan09.Jun.2021 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Extraordinary Press Conference by Foreign Minister MOTEGI Toshimitsu (in English)

Japan-Australia cooperation CVID abductions issue immediate resolution WMD ballistic missiles

Japan09.Jun.2021 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Takeaways from the Biden-Moon Summit: Three Observations on China (in English)

denuclearization alliance missile network

United States07.Jun.2021 The RAND Corporation Soo Kim

INDOPACOM: Russia, North Korea, and China do not want a free and open Indo-Pacific (in Korean)

Indo-Pacific China Russia North Korea

United States05.Jun.2021 Voice of America Kim Donghyun

North Korea likely to talk with South Korea before the US: Moon Chung-in (in English)

inter-Korean dialogue Sung Kim Choe Son Hui

United States03.Jun.2021 NK News Jeongmin Kim

North Korean Cyberattacks Pose Threat to U.S. (in English)

cyberattack sanctions North Korea

United States03.Jun.2021 The Heritage Foundation Bruce Klingner, Luke Kim

An Economic Blueprint for North Korea (in English)

North Korea Economic Development Globalization

United States03.Jun.2021 The National Interest Krisha Kumar


North Korea oil tankers East China Sea

United States01.Jun.2021 The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Leo Byrne