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A Study on Humanitarian Aid to North Korea
A Study on Humanitarian Aid to North Korea
July 21, 2022 | Juhyun Um
In this Commentary, Juhyun Um, Secretary General at Medical Aid for Children, provides an overview of international and South Korean aid initiatives in North Korea and examines North Korea’s current perspective on humanitarian assistance. The author analyzes that Pyongyang’s official refusal of humanitarian assistance in 2014 is a multidimensional issue that encompasses the health and welfare of North Koreans, the regime’s commitment to remain self-reliant, and the new Cold War order. Dr. Um proposes that in pursuing peace on the Korean peninsula, Seoul should strive to find ways that mutually respect the interests of both Koreas rather than push for a unilateral humanitarian assistance policy.
Capacity Building and Development Cooperation for North Korea
Capacity Building and Development Cooperation for North Korea
July 19, 2022 | Changyong Choi
In this Special Report, Changyong Choi, Associate Professor at the Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Administration, calls for South Korea to engage in trilateral cooperation with international financial institutions to offer capacity-building programs and knowledge-sharing projects to North Korea, thereby providing the North with education and training on the market economy. The author argues that it is important to encourage the North to divert investment from nuclear development to technological and capital development, legalize commerce, and formalize institutions for taxation and trade regulations. He further states such technical development will help to build state capacity, reduce inter-Korean tensions, and support North Korea’s transition to a market-based economy.


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