Internal Transformation

Promoting North Korea’s internally driven change and reform

Top 3 Organizations in Internal Transformation

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
Department of State, United States
The White House, United States

What kind of country North Korea will become is ultimately up to the North Korean people. Throughout its history, North Korea has never experienced democracy, freedom of citizens, a true market economy, or open relations with international society. Once it moves beyond complete denuclearization, North Korea will be in a position to develop its economy, normalize dynamic relations with international society, and foster socio-cultural exchanges with other countries. During this process, it will be important to learn how to promote North Korea’s internally driven change and reform. Changes in the international order and internal shifts will leave North Korea with a wide open future. It will be in the interest of neighboring countries to suggest various alternative models for North Korea’s reform and opening. In other words, the common objective of international society is for North Korea to succeed, achieve a normal status, and establish strong ties with South Korea and other neighboring countries.