Commercial, financial, and travel restrictions applied as penalties to North Korea

Top 3 Organizations in Sanctions

Department of State, United States
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, South Korea

North Korea developed its nuclear program in violation of the international norm of nuclear non-proliferation. It has posed direct military threats to South Korea, Japan, and the United States and worsened concerns over the potential for illegal transfer of nuclear and missile technologies. International society has implemented economic and diplomatic sanctions, mainly within the framework of United Nations resolutions, to dissuade North Korea from continuing its nuclear program. Until the complete denuclearization of North Korea is achieved, sanctions including commercial, financial, and travel restrictions applied as penalties in response to harmful North Korean policies will be crucial in changing North Korea’s behavior. Sanction policies have also been implemented targeting the North Korean leadership in response to the deplorable human rights situation. International agreement on the methods, duration, and intensity of sanctions and pressure will influence North Korea’s decision making effectively, making possible the complete and permanent denuclearization of North Korea.