• It is my distinct honor and privilege to present the launch of EAI’s web journal Global NK: Zoom & Connect. Global NK is a newly improved version of the English-based website Global North Korea, a comprehensive archival website collecting and evaluating publications on North Korea related issues. which has been operating under EAI since 2018
    EAI has strived to establish an “intellectual hub” for developing strategies and policies towards North Korean and Peninsula affairs. To do so, EAI is strengthening the research on North Korea and promote a more balanced perspective on the subject while archiving information on North Korea and the Korean Peninsula based on four perspectives: sanctions, engagement, internal transformation, and deterrence.

    Global NK: Zoom & Connect seeks to play a pivotal role in systematically delivering the voices of both Korean and international experts in the process of understanding and establishing a systematic strategy for North Korea and the Korean Peninsula on a global scale. This web journal is divided into 4 sections: expert commentaries, expert interviews, research notes, and special reports. Through these areas, Global NK: Zoom & Connect seeks to convene the voices of domestic researchers, act as a bridge for the knowledge between domestic and foreign researchers, and ultimately contribute to designing a blueprint for peace in the Korean Peninsula.
    Thank you.

    8, 17, 2021
    Yul Sohn, EAI President

  • About This Website

    The North Korean nuclear problem and the future of the Korean Peninsula has become one of the most significant issues deciding the security and stability of the Korean people and the East Asian region. Differences of strategies and debates have contributed to the dynamic search for a solution to the North Korean nuclear problem and the right course for North Korea’s future. Both incentives and disincentives will help the North Korean leadership choose the right path for the North Korean people and the whole Peninsula.

    The proper combination of essential alternatives such as sanctions, deterrence, engagement and assisting North Korea in undergoing internal transformation will be important. International society shares the wish for North Korea to become a normal state with a proper global status. This website aims to provide articles and video on North Korea produced by governments, policy institutes, media, and think tanks to track the evolution of these strategies and their impact. This website was created and is maintained by the East Asia Institute.

    Steering Committee
    • image of Young-Sun Ha
      Young-Sun Ha

      Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the East Asia Institute, Professor Emeritus at Seoul National University

    • image of Yul Sohn
      Yul Sohn

      President of the East Asia Institute, Professor at Yonsei University

    • image of Chaesung Chun
      Chaesung Chun

      Chair of the Asia Security Initiative Research Center at EAI, Professor at Seoul National University

    • image of Byung-Yeon Kim
      Byung-Yeon Kim

      Professor at Seoul National University

    • image of Won Gon Park
      Won Gon Park

      Professor at Ewha Womans University

    • image of Seong-ho Sheen
      Seong-ho Sheen

      Professor at the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), Seoul National University

    • image of Ji Hwan Hwang
      Ji Hwan Hwang

      Professor at the University of Seoul

    • image of Jung-chul Lee
      Jung-chul Lee

      Professor at Seoul National University

    Editorial Board Committee
    • Chaesung Chun (EAI Security Research Center, Seoul National University)
    • Byung-Yeon Kim (Seoul National University)
    • Won Gon Park (Ewha Womans University)
    • Seong-ho Sheen (Seoul National University)
    • Dong-Ryul Lee (Dongduk Women's University)
    • Leif-Eric Easley (Ewha Womans University)
    • Ji-hwan Hwang (University of Seoul)
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